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The first two introduction “verses” are relatively well behaved.

The lead notes all fall on a 4/4 beat, emphasised by the Kick Intro track.
These 2 “verses” do not have words but you can “kind of” stretch some words over them

  • First line 2 bars: (my) Mother did me / deadly spite
  • Second 2 bars: She sent thieves / in dead of the night
  • Third 2 2/4 bars:  They put my / servants all to / flight
  • Fourth 2 bars: They robbed / my bower they slew / my knight
  • Bridge 2/4 bars

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 4.43.45 pm

This makes the introduction “verse” repeat after the 9th bar and every thing stays on the bar.

But this is not how the “sung verses” run which are 1/2 bar out on each repeat
This puts a constant Kick beat out of rhythm every second verse!


Do I need to “fix” it so the real verses and bridge piece makes a whole bar?
Is a 9 bar structure OK?



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