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Hit Any Key To Continue

Hit Any Key To Continue



The following articles were printed in the Australian Society of Anaesthetists Newsletter. They chronical one person’s ‘coming of age’ in the world of computing. Or perhaps his ‘loss of innocence’. Certainly not the ‘getting of wisdom’.

The nature of computing ensures that the content of the articles is rapidly out of date so please be kind in your criticism.

I would be amazed and overjoyed to receive any feedback.

Dave Sainsbury


Title Volume Issue Date
So You Want To Buy a Computer 93 3 Aug. 1993
Information Superhighway 93 4 Dec. 1993
Cyberspace 94 1 Apr. 1994
Computer Games 94 2 July 1994
CD ROM’s 94 3 Nov. 1994
Caught up in the web 95 1 Apr. 1995
The Plague 95 2 June 1995
Successful Sushi 95 3 Censored
Nicad Madness 96 1 April 1996
Java Jive Time 96 2 Squeezed out


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4 Responses to Hit Any Key To Continue

  1. g>russ says:

    i was pleasantly surprised to find a copy my Hit Any Key To Continue toon/ drawing i did as a teen back in the 80’s
    iv see so many redrawn versions of it of it over the last couple of years on the net ,i have no problem with it being used but
    its a shame that it looks like it was photo copied a few to many times
    if you would like a scan of the original for your site .. let me know and ill send you a copy

    russty ..

    • dave says:

      I have seen many explanations for the origin of this drawing.
      I would love to include information on its provenance.
      And an original scan would be amazing
      Cheers, Dave

      • G.Russ says:

        just came across this again lol iv put my current e-mail address
        i did this when was about 16/17 wen i first started working for bt .
        the original showed an old CSS terminal i did some others one with vic 20 and a bit later on one with an amiga computer
        all of mine was black and white pence drawings . any you find tat are in colour are copys /re-drawn

        if you send me youe e-mail address ill send you a scan ..
        or you can link to ( https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hit_any_key_A.jpg ) this the last one i did showing the amiga

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