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Generating transformational change

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Dual Systems Theory of Mind

My studies into the the upper right quadrant and it relationship to upper left continue.

It seems that consciousness is an “afterthought” of evolution…in every sense of the word “afterthought”.

Consciouness is a secondary and slower response to the world.

Our essential responses are fast and non conscious.

Essential in the sense of necessary for survival and essential in the sense of what something fundamentally “is”.

Practices that get “consciousness” “out of the way” may allow direct experience of this essential world.

The following article on Fear shows how these two “levels” of response are seemlessly integrated, and how one can reinforce the other.  It is taken from a landmark article in Scientific American by LeDoux in 1994.  Uploaded to file section.

It may be that, we need to integrate our emotional and declarative experiences, before “higher” orders of reflective experience are possible.

This does not require a denial of emotional intelligence or cognitive intelligence.

It does not require that they are brought into agreement.

Perhaps, more simply,it requires a recognition and a respect for the differing purposes they fulfill, and an accpetance of their potential divergence.

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The following quote is from LeDoux1994 in file uploads section.

“Emotional and declarative memories are stored and retrieved in parallel, and their activities are joined seamlessly in our conscious experience. That does not mean that we have direct conscious access to emotional memory; it means instead that we have access to the consequences; such as the way we behave, the way our bodies feel. These consequences combine with current declarative memory to form a new declarative memory. Emotion is not just unconscious memory: it exerts a powerful influence on declarative memory and other thought processes.”

“The distinction between declarative memory and emotional memory is an important one. We are unable to remember traumatic events that take place early in life because the hippocampus has not yet matured to the point of forming consciously accessible memories. The emotional memory system, which may develop earlier, clearly forms and stores its unconscious memories of these events. And for this reason, the trauma may affect mental and behavioral functions in later life, albeit through processes that remain inaccessible to consciousness.”

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Here is an interesting quote…guess the author.

“A development that repeats, as it were, stages that have already been passed, but repeats them in a different way, on a higher basis (“the negation of the negation”), a development, so to speak, that proceeds in spirals, not in a straight line; a development by leaps, catastrophes, and revolutions; “breaks in continuity”; the transformation of quantity into quality; inner impulses towards development, imparted by the contradiction and conflict of the various forces and tendencies acting on a given body, or within a given phenomenon, or within a given society; the interdependence and the closest and indissoluble connection between all aspects of any phenomenon (history constantly revealing ever new aspects), a connection that provides a uniform, and universal process of motion, one that follows definite laws — these are some of the features of dialectics as a doctrine of development that is richer than the conventional one.”

Karl Marx

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1011 Illumined
1010 Universal
1001 Transpersonal
1000 Construct Aware
0111 Strategist
0110 Individualist
0101 Achiever
0100 Expert
0011 Diplomat
0010 Delta
0001 Opportunist
0000 Impulsive

I used to watch the odometer in my father’s car. It was always a big moment when all the 999’s rolled over when 1000 miles was reached.

The same in a binary code when 0111 rolls over into 1000 and the contents of the first 3 counters are now included in the fourth counter.

I’m watching them roll over in myself with the same childlike anticipation.

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Click the “integral” link below to open the swf viewer.

I have started mapping some knowledge.

You can follow this out through “structuralism” and “linguistics” by clicking on the little “+” symbols

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And now my daughter, Alice, has written a strangely prescient song.

Sa?kr?nti, killed in dreams, my feelings of depersonalisation.

The hymn song

Got to admit I’ve been watching you
It’s easy to, It’s easy to forget just how long
Got to admit I’ve been lying again
It’s easy to, It’s easy to believe it
You, You will be my executioner
You, You will be my executioner
Got to admit I’ve been dreaming about this
It’s easy to, Its easy to forget the danger
Stuck in a moment I can’t forget
It’s easy to, It s easy forget how it started
It’s not what I came here for
I’ll take it anyway
It’s not what I came here for
I’ll take the hook along with the bait

From ‘Neuromancer’, by William Gibson.

And in the bloodlit dark behind his eyes,
silver phosphenes boiling in from the edge of space,
hypnagogic images jerking past…
a fragmented mandala of visual information…
fluid neon origami trick, the unfolding distanceless home,
his country, transparent 3D chessboard extending to infinity.
And somewhere he was laughing, tears of release streaking his face

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My first Buddhist joke.

A monk walks into a coffee shop and asks the barista, “Did you see me come in?”
The barista replied “Of course”
“That is interesting”, said the monk, “How did you know it was me?”

That reminds me of the law student who applied for a job at Cibo’sbecause he wanted to be a barrister.

I had forgotten the story of the monk who went into the pizza shop and asked if they could “make him one with everything”

Or the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac who stayed awake at night worrying about the existence of dog.
Eventually he sold his soul to santa.

And for everyone who enjoyed the clairvoyant joke, here is another one.

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I humbly present the following

If you have some ice cream, I will give it to you.
If you have no ice cream, I will take it away from you.

It is an ice cream koan.


From the gross perspective this does not make sense, I cannot take what you do not have.
From the subtle perspective the answer lies in “it”
From the causal perspective i suspect we should “let it be”
From the nondual perspective i suspect we should head down to Norgen Vaas
But now i am punching well above my weight.

What do you think? or not think? as the case may be…. or not be…that is the question.
(Is there something i can take for this?)

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Follow this link for subwaybhaktis sky-mantra

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On the edge of sand and sea, sun setting through kite silk on the evening breeze.

Earth, air, fire and water, holding me in their gentle intersection

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Originally i became president of the South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association to give back to employed doctors in South Australia and to further my understanding of organisations.

SASMOA has a first person perspective…it exists of, and for, its membership within the context of industrial relations.

My Prototype was to bring the union into a cooperative agreement with the Australian Medical Association to generate a common voice for doctors in South Australia. Second person perspective for the union…to see another organisation and relate to it. At the moment there are many cultural and contextural barriers.

Then i thought about the next perspective. What if the union were to acknowledge a triple bottom line and set up a project of social benefit?

My personal challenge is to own criticism of these ideas without losing the vision for change.

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